Christmas In The Country, Continued

Yesterday it was sixty eight degrees, and I was outside washing windows wearing nothing but a short sleeved tee shirt.


That didn’t come out right.  I did have jeans and boots on. BUT, I wasn’t wearing a coat.  That’s pretty darn weird for December in Colorado.

Here is what it looks like today.

Well, so much for my nice clean windows.
This storm is a doozie-we are expecting two feet of snow, with forty mph winds.

That, folks, is a true… blue… blizzard.

Back to yesterday, here is Wranglers putting a few adjustments on the Christmas lights.

Yes, that’s a tractor.

And, yes, that’s Wranglers in the bucket with his Christmas hanger light thingy.

I jumped off the tractor to snap a few photos, so you could see how  rednecks we hang Christmas lights in the country.

When it was time for this little operation, Wranglers reminds me, “Now, when I am in the bucket, you raise it up.  DON’T FORGET…raising the lever up LOWERS the bucket, and pushing the lever down RAISES the bucket.”

Ya, ya.  I got it…up is down, and down is up.

Do you guys know how hard it is to think backwards like that??  I have operated this tractor many times, and inevitably, I do the wrong thing first. 

This time was no exception.

Mission accomplished!


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