A Little Bright Spot At Work

Most of you know, I am a partner in our family owned NAPA Store. 

What you don’t know, is, selling auto parts is only one of many things we do.

One of our employees had a baby.  Actually, his wife had the baby, but you get my drift.

Anyway, recently, the new mommy was under the weather.  She happens to be VERY young, and her immediate family lives several hours away.

So….we gladly stepped in!  And continue to do so, whenever we are needed.

He is so precious, I can’t stand it! 

Here is my mom, filing daily invoices, AND hogging the baby.

Both the mommy and the daddy are so appreciative when we  help them, but,  we LOVE doing it!  Might seem a little crazy to let an employee bring a new baby to work once in awile, but that’s the way we roll here.

p.s.  Don’t look at the train wreck on top of the gazillion filing cabinets we have.  Now that I said that, of course you are looking.  Once I saw this picture, I was so mortified, I cleaned them off completely.  Really.


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