Nine Days

For the past nine days, I have not had internet service at the ranch.

There have been brief moments of service, then……..BOOM.  No service.

It’s off before I can finish a post.  A comment.  An email.

Mind you, during this painful nine day period, we were actually gone to Oklahoma for a couple of days. 

In Oklahoma, they have internet service.

I am going to move there.

But, while we were visiting family there, I never took advantage of using my mother-in-law’s computer.

I could have, but we were busy having too much fun.  I figured we would be home soon and I could get my internet fix then.

HOWEVER…I had no idea the internet would not be working when we arrived home.

Had I known this, I would have begged my in-laws to let me move in with them in Oklahoma where the internet service is abundant.

And, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. 

Right at this moment, I have internet.

Because I am at work.  Blogging and checking my email.  I am pretending to do journal entries in Quickbooks, and that will work for a few more minutes.

The internet company says they will have someone down to the ranch on Friday. (When I say we live in the middle of nowhere, I really mean it).  Hopefully we will be back up and running soon. 

Until then, Wranglers is frantically trying to find a place for me at internet re-hab.

Please accept my apology for not visiting your blogs and returning emails.

Oh, and….    

                                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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