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Once in awhile, I think it’s fun to find out facts about other bloggers.  You know, stuff we don’t always type on the screen.

Here are some things you may, or may not know about me.

1.  In 1995, I rented a small space, and opened a children’s clothing boutique.  I had never worked in
     retail, or been to “market”, and had ZERO experience in this type of business.  Yea, I’m weird like
     This little business was not only successful, it was a blast!  I would still be there, but in 2000, I  
      took  my place in our 50 yr. old family business, along with my dad and two older brothers.

2.  I had been a single mom (divorced) for ten years, when Wranglers and I got hitched.

3.  Said hitching came only after knowing/dating for three months.  Yea, I’m weird like that-are
     we seeing a pattern here?

4.  When I try to lose weight….I gain weight.

5.  I buy and sell unwanted gold  jewelry.  I started this little business mostly for family and close
     friends, but it has grown into something more, as people in our small community know and trust 
     This is a lot of fun for me-it’s like a treasure hunt!

6. I may have mentioned this before, ….I have the one and only tuxedo rental business in our little

7. I love making chocolate chip cookies, but….somehow, I manage to eat the bag of chips before I
   ever  have time to bake the cookies.  This happens one handful at a time.

8.  My twenty-two year old daughter is the exact opposite of me.  You can see that here….

Well now, wasn’t that fun?

Have a great Thursday everyone!


  • Jill

    Yes, it was a lot of fun! You're story is inspiring in many ways. Thank you for sharing. You and your daughter may be opposites but you are both beauties!

  • pattisjarrett

    That WAS fun. I enjoy getting to know my blogging buddies! Great picture of the two of you, can't help but notice the difference in the boots. You are an entrepreneur with a chocolate addiction. lol I'm glad you clarified that you emptied the bag, one handful at a time. 🙂 And if you're gaining weight, I need that diet.

  • Hotly Spiced

    i was expecting your daughter to be blond like you! You certainly have done a lot of interesting things. I love the sound of your jewellery business. And when you met Wranglers, well I believe, when you know you know.

  • Smalltowngirl

    So fun to see how much some of us can have in common…
    1)I was divorced 7 years with a young daughter when I remarried.
    2)My daughter is 21 now.
    3)I start a workout routine and stop it and feel worse than before I started it.
    4)I have an ugly secret…I buy a bag of Heath brickle for the topping on my peanut butter pie…don't make the pie and eat the brickle …secretly….in hiding..lol 🙂
    5) My mother's maiden name is Cash, and recently I found the Johnny Cash connection!! Albeit distant…it was still fun to find.
    Happy Friday to you!

  • Cindy Adkins

    Hi Darcie,
    Oh gosh, where do I begin? How can you have a daughter in her 20s when I thought you were in your early 30s? It's a miracle! And I'm the same way with the chips…No sense turning the over on! lol

    You are SO fun–and I think that's why your shop was such a success!! And 3 months in deciding "Mr. Right" had come along? It was destiny. I knew a couple who had known each other 3 days and got married. They have been together over 40 years!

    I hope you're having a happy weekend!

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