Small Bathroom Remodel

When I used “Small” in this title, I meant…it’s a small bathroom.

And it’s a small remodel.

But, none the less, it looks totally different, and that’s what I was going for.

And it was cheap.  Like only $40.00.

Here’s the before…

This plaid wallpaper was not horrible.  In fact, I thought it was pretty cute and fit in quite well with our house out here in the boonies.

But, it was just a tad busy for me.  Of our three bathrooms, this was the only one with wallpaper, and man, I was ready to take it down.

Until we actually started taking it down.

Then, I was ready to quit.  Good gosh, that stuff is a pain in the hiney to remove.

Thankfully, once again, Wranglers swoops in and takes over.

He has way more “staying power” than me.

I found spraying a mixture of vinegar and water on the wallpaper glue or backing, or whatever that stuff is, worked really well.

Okay, actually he did most of it, but from where I was standing, I could tell it really worked.

Without the vinegar mixture, it would only come off in tiny little bits.

I have ZERO patience for this kind of stuff-I am working on that now.  You know, with Resolutions and stuff.

So now, for the big reveal….

My lighting wasn’t all that great, but the color is kind of greenish brownish-I really don’t know what it is, but I like it.  It’s a calming color.  And I can use all the calming I can get.

At a later date, we plan to change out the counter top, and the tile.  For now, we are pleased with this cheap and effective remodel.

Do you have any projects you are working on, or planning?


  • ~C~

    Love the bathroom update! It's amazing how a little less wallpaper and a little more paint can transform a room. We are currently building a house, so lots of 'projects' going on! I just can't wait to unpack our stuff out of storage (been there nearly a year) and decorate!!!

  • pattisjarrett

    Love the results! We've done some of those wallpaper removal projects. A paper tiger came in handy, but it was still a lot of work. We have MANY projects in process, currently recovering from a dishwasher flooding.

  • Dianna

    Gorgeous – well, both before and after. We've removed wallpaper before – our bedroom is a BIG room, and that was a JOB. Here's a hint for next time: a wallpaper stripper. I think you can rent them. We haven't used one, but our friends swear by it. Who knew?!

  • Lynette

    Very Pretty! When we built our house,we had a shower but no tub, when I got pregnant a few years later, we had to install a tub…for obvious reasons. Now I want to get rid of it and the old shower and install a new shower (only). My Husband & I can't agree on a shower. He says the one I want can't be used because we would have to tear down a weight bearing wall. SO??? :), really, I know what that means but is it REALLY that important?
    Taking down you wallpaper sure made a big difference!

  • Cindy Adkins

    Oh WOW, Darcie, I love the plaid too…but, now I think this is soooo elegant!! Fabulous make-over!!!! You should be linking it up to a million parties–it's such an inspiration for people to use their "creative wings!"

  • Gina

    I think your bathroom redo looks wonderful! I completely understand about the wallpaper removal. Most of our house was wallpapered when we bought it. With lots of work, we are not wallpaper free!

  • Brenda Visser

    Nice Change! We are in the middle of a complete laundry room overhaul… and we discovered there was NO INSULATION in the NORTH wall! So now I am living with Pink Panther colour, plastic-covered walls. When will this be over?!? :{

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