Vintage Believe Sign

Over the weekend, I went out to the barn and rummaged through some of our scrap lumber. 

I came out with an almost perfect 1×4.  Using a router made the edges have a little more character, but it’s not totally necessary. It’s just my preference.

I know there are many ways to make a vintage looking sign, but for me, it’s all about keeping it simple, man.

A base coat of black paint.  Then a coat of ivory paint.  A little sandpaper action around all the edges, and bada-bing, it’s all done but the cryin inspirational word.  I chose Believe, because for me it’s a pretty powerful word.

Because I pretty much prefer “easy”, I just used stencils and sponged on the black craft paint.

The last thing, which I almost forgot, was intalling a hanger on the back.

BOOM!  I have a new sign.

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