Birthday Quote Jar

My bff is turning 50 very soon. 

And for the record…she is older than me.

In honor of the occasion, her dear friends and family are planning a super cool celebration.  I will share those details with you later.  I will tell you this…it involves travel.

One of the things we are doing is a Birthday Quote Jar.  Or  maybe I should say… it turned into a “things you should know” jar. 

Either way, for a “milestone” birthday, it is a great idea, brought to me by my partner in crime sister-in-law.

She also found some hilarious quotes and very important “things” one should know.  These are really funny and helpful…you know…for older people, like my dear friend.

I found this cute jar at Dollar General.  Then I printed “Things You Should Know By The Time You Turn 50”, on parchment paper, and cut to fit inside the jar.

I also printed the quotes my sister-in-law found, and placed each quote in the jar.
To add a little more fun, we made up some of our own “things you should know”, and put them in the jar also.  heehee 😉

Then I just topped it off with a piece of jute.


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