A Rescued Mirror

Last weekend I went digging through our shack.  What?  You didn’t know we have a shack?

It’s actually a pretty cool out-building on the ranch.  We were told it was  the school house for the family who originally homesteaded here.

This is The Shack.

Anyway,  we use it for storage, and a place to keep one of our extra freezers.

And it has some orphaned items stored in there, which I like to dig through once in a while.

We were gonna throw out this mirror, cause it looked like it was in pretty bad shape.

And it had bird poop all over it.

And spider webs. 

I can deal with bird poop.  I can wrangle a snake with the best of ’em.  And I can deal with an occasional mouse-although, I have been known to throw away the mouse AND the trap.  It’s really the best way to dispose of the little critter.  However, spiders are another matter. 

But, I decided maybe, just maybe I could muster up the courage to deal with the webs, clean it up and do something with it.

I used a stick to remove the spider webs from all the nooks and crannys.

A very long stick.

Removed the mirror.

Sprayed on a primer.  Then a coat of flat black.

Then, sprayed two coats of white.  I let it dry overnight, then took some
fine sandpaper to distress it a little.

I haven’t decided if it’s gonna be a mirror or a chalkboard.

I sprayed the back board with chalkboard paint.  Guess it will be a
multi-purpose frame, cause it’s super easy to change out.

I’m so glad this mirror and frame didn’t make it into the trash.  I just love the detail.

What do you guys think…mirror or chalkboard?

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