Wranglers And His FFA Annual Nut Fry

Last week was a busy, busy week. 

It was National FFA Week. 

And if you happen to be married to a FFA Advisor, then you know what I mean.
(If you are not familiar with FFA, it originally started out as Future Farmers Of America, but has grown to so much more.)

Okay, so it wasn’t busy for me, cause all I had to do was show up.  Wranglers and his kids do a great job of promoting their program with activities like…

a petting zoo

games for the entire school

a coloring contest for the elementary and preschool children

drive a tractor to school day

a Rocky Mountain Oyster Dinner for the community

and on the last day, a breakfast for teachers, administrators, and supporters

The Rocky Mountain Oyster Dinner, is more commonly called the Nut Fry.

It has nothing to do with oysters, trust me.

People come from all over the area for this dinner. The beauty of it…the kids do it all!

We estimated around three hundred people…that’s a lot of nuts.

After the dinner, some of the FFA members are “auctioned off” for a day of work.

This year our son, stood at the helm with his dad, as the President of the organization…gush…

In the background you see a “brand” quilt.  Area ranchers buy a space on the quilt for their livestock brand.

At the end of the evening, a drawing is held to give the quilt to one of the brand owners.

This gal is one of his program’s most devoted supporters.  She brought the quilt idea to Wranglers, AND, she and her helpers put the whole thing together.  I have to add that she lost her home last summer to a fire during our extreme drought.  But, that didn’t stop her.  Thanks Deb-you are so very appreciated!

The money raised from this quilt is used for scholarships for our local FFA members.

By the end of the evening, over twelve thousand dollars was raised from the hired hand sale.  Now, that is amazing for a community this small, considering our ranchers and farmers have suffered so much, due to the drought in our area.

I want to add, this organization does so much for our community.  Anytime someone needs a project completed or “muscle power”, they call on Wranglers and his group of dedicated FFA Members.  This is truely an organization to be proud of!

Needless too say, I am one proud mom and wife 🙂


  • TexWisGirl

    that is awesome! i grew up with the FFA boys. a good group of fun, but hard-working fellows. and i happily drove tractor for one of them during haying season. 🙂 our FFA chapter always held a pancake breakfast for the community – not sure i could do a nut fry. 🙂

  • Misty

    Your post was so well written that it made me run the gamut (I don't really know how to spell gammett) of emotions. Fond memories of my own FFA high school experience, where I didn't have to actually DO anything in ag class. I grew up in the country, but being the only girl in class, everything was done for me. Very well, I might add, as I made an A in the class! Joy for the woman with the quilt, in being able to actually make something so beautiful, meaningful, and useful. Empathy for that woman. We also had a HORRIFIC drought in Texas! Round bales of hay were $100 a roll! Lots of fires here too. Disgust at the thought of eating bull nuts. And pride in the thought of being all Indian-like and using ALL the parts of said bull! Okay, so it didn't make me feel sad at all. So maybe I didn't run the whole gammutt (gamet?) of emotions. Oh, wait. My husband is talking to me while I'm trying to type and I'm annoyed, so there's that one. 🙂

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