Ski Trip And Birthday Bash

I mentioned a few weeks ago, we were preparing for a fiftieth birthday party for my good friend.

And that it involved travel.
We didn’t leave our beautiful state, we just headed northwest.

We headed for the hills.  Winter Park, Colorado…here we come!

Stunning-isn’t it?

We had rented a mountain home, a big one.  There was seventeen of us!

Wranglers and I enjoyed a ride on the gondola to get into the village.

Once in the village, we met up with the rest of our group in a little tavern.

Wranglers, my brother, and my bff’s hubby are discussing some serious bull.

Here I am with the girls.  The one in the black hat and white jacket, is the birthday girl!
She and I have been best friends since we were five years old.  My sister-in-law is in the green, and my soul sister is on the end.  Two of these chicks are grandmas!

I have lived in Colorado all my life, and never been tubing.  I was always too busy skiing.
On this day, we all decided to go the tubing route.

I wasn’t sure.  Not sure at all.

But, my dear friend helped me along.

Wranglers has the camera, and he’s yelling, “push her! hurry, before she jumps!”
I was terrified! 

And, after I made it to the bottom, I realized there was a good reason for the terror.
The speed of that tube, on that snow, on that mountain  hill, is just too much for words.

I couldn’t even scream.

Or breathe.

I loved it.  And hated it.

And kept going, and going.  Tubing is addictive.

It was a huge blast!

Someone got the great idea to hook our tubes together and then go.

Oh, man.

Here we are at the bottom.  Making sure all of our body parts are still attached.

How do you get back to the top, you ask?

My beautiful niece will demonstrate.

The strap on her tube is hooked on to a pulley system thingy, and it pulls you and your tube all the way to the top.  Pretty cool.

Here’s the house we rented.

The view from every room was just beautiful.

I wouldn’t mind doing dishes with a view like this.

One night we made a million pizzas.

They were perfect for the whole crew.

Wranglers just hanging out.

Girls Gone Wild.

We had such a great time.  All seventeen of us.


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