Lonesome Duck

The other day we received almost an inch of rain.  This is enough to get us pretty excited.

Due to this little puddle, we had an unexpected visitor.

It’s not a large puddle.

But it just happens to be the largest body of water for miles and miles.  And more miles.

So, this little guy decided to try it out.

This is our first duck at the ranch, and I had a blast watching him.

I wish you could have seen him come in for a landing on this puddle.  I swear he looked like a 747 jet.  How he managed to land in the water is beyond me.  It was hilarious.

In fact…it quacked me up.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

He stayed for several days, and made himself at home with our doves and other regular guests.

Happy puddles to you all!


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