My Favorite Self Tanning Lotion

Everyone loves that fresh sun-kissed look, right?  I know I do.

But my days of sun worship, are long gone.

With all of the awareness on the damage the sun can cause to your skin, along with the risk of skin cancer, I became a sunscreen queen.

My own experience with  basal cell carcenoma, was my personal wake-up call.

So, several years ago, I set out to find the best self tanning cream on the market.

Some made my skin have an orange glow.

Some streaked.

And some had an odor.

Finally, I tried Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, and I have been using it ever since.

                                                                       Jergens Natural Glow

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It gradually creates a natural-looking tan.  I use it in place of my body lotion for several days, then, once I achieve the right color, apply it every other day or so.

I just love the subtle color developement, and it really does look natural.

This is not a formal review, I just simply wanted to share my awesome experience with Jergens Natural Glow, with you!


  • Hotly Spiced

    That sounds great. I too am no longer swathing myself in Coconut Reef Oil and frying in the sun. I don't think I can buy this product here in Australia but I'm sure I can get it on-line xx

  • Fancy

    Thanks for the recommendation! I've looked at it in the store before but didn't want to put the money out, not knowing if it really worked. Now I know!

  • HamMarked

    Hello Friends,

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  • Stephie @ Our Marriage Adventure

    So random question or two – 1. how long does it take till you look "tan"? One application? 8? Oh and how do you make sure its even? Last one (really I promise) but – how do you handle your face? I would hate my body to be tanish and my face to resemble Casper.

  • Teresa

    I love self tanner! I also use the Jergens but I really like the Jergens foam. I use the darkest possible- med to tan. It dries really fast and doesn't streak. I shave my legs every morning and then apply the foam and I have no irritation at all. I have very sensitive skin, and can't normally put anything on my legs except baby oil, but Jergen's self-tanner doesn't bother me at all! I am from Az and I have no interest in trashing my skin anymore! Now I live in Virginia Beach.
    ~Pilgrim's Treehouse~

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