Yes. It’s All About Me.

Yep.  That’s me.  Fishing at Bear Lake in the Colorado mountains.

That’s me.  With my mother-in-law…obviously bossing the men around.

And yes, one of the guys took this great picture.
Someone took a picture of me….taking a picture.

Me posing.  I guess.

Oh, and this is my mom, and yes… me…and my sister-in-law.

And…me with my new hairstyle and cut!

Oh, okay.  So that’s not me.  But I am obsessed with her hair.
What do you guys think? 
I turn fifty next month, and I think I need a change!  Or something.
My beautiful daughter is an Aveda Stylist, and she’s fantastic.
She could soooo make me my hair look like this.
But would I miss my long hair?
I couldn’t put it a ponytail and go.
What about those days when I just want to wear a baseball cap?
Help me!


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