What The Middle Of Nowhere Looks Like

I have mentioned before, we live in the middle of nowhere.

No Walmart for forty seven miles.

No stoplights for forty seven miles.

No Target.

No mall.

No Starbucks, for like one hundred seventy miles.

I’ve posted these pictures before, but I have a lot of new friends, who have never seen The Middle Of Nowhere.

These photos are a little blurry…but hey, they were taken from a small plane, with a point and shoot.
So, actually they turned out pretty good…thanks to my mother-in-law!!

So, here you go…The Middle Of Nowhere…

That’s our place in the middle.

A little closer.

There it is!  Cash’s Casa.  Wanna come help me mow??


  • Renee

    You know what? I live about 5 miles from Walmart/Target and any other retailer you could think of. The grocery store is 1 mile and the nearest gas station is about .5 miles – but your middle of nowhere sure looks good to me! My husband and I dream of moving to that exact place – the middle of nowhere! I'm sure it has full with challenges, but after a subdivision went up in our backyard (literally), we're ready to be alone!

  • Hotly Spiced

    You really are out in the sticks. It's hard for me to imagine being so remote. You'd have to be so organised with your grocery shopping and make sure you plan your trips to town really well xx

  • Dianna

    How wonderful to have those pictures! Our local paper once did an aerial shot of our neighborhood, so we ordered a copy of the photo and have it framed.
    You really do live in the middle of nowhere…!

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