Because my husband and I had another wonderful weekend getaway…

Because we had no cell phone service or internet…which sort of makes me crazy…

Because when we arrived home from our trip, husband parked in a fire ant den…

Because one of those fire ants ran up my jeans, and bit the ever lovin’ fire out of me….

Because  I stripped down to my undies in our driveway, and ran screaming to the house…

Because the husband is still laughing at me…

Because of all of those things….

I want to share this morning’s sunrise here on the Colorado Plains.


                                                     Have a wonderful day!

And….stay away from fire ants.
It’s true, what they say about ants in your pants.  Trust me.



It’s good we live in the country.  You know, so I can strip down in the driveway, and stuff…


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