Colorado Camping

You guys know I’m a beach bumb.  Right?

And yet, I have not been to the beach in like….FOREVER.

We sort of live a long way from the beach.  But, Colorado isn’t a bad place to call home, either.

Our corner of Colorado is in the plains, however, in just a few short hours we can be surrounded by the mountains that make our state such a beautiful place.

Recently, we had the opportunity to head for the hills, with my Oklahoma in-laws. I promised in an earlier post that I would share pictures of camping trip, and I know you all have been holding your breath, and checking my blog every day for this. Cause, this is really important stuff.

When I say camping, I don’t mean tent camping.  We love tent camping but, the husband bought a camper a year ago.  I think he did it mainly hoping I might shut up about going to the beach every five minutes.  Guess it sort of worked, cause we can take off whenever we want to, with very little planning.  As I’ve mentioned before, we live in the middle of nowhere.  (The pictures in that link prove it.)  The nearest major airport is four hours away….so with camping we can have a fabulous time, and be at our destination in about half the time it would take us just to get to the airport, to get to my beloved beach…

Anyways, back to camper…I love it.  A lot. 

Maybe not as much as going to the beach, but it’s a close second.

 While we were there, my hubby had a birthday.  Complete with Rice Crispie Treats for
a birthday cake!

His momma, with a birthday hug.

We took a little trip to The Dog Bar & Grill in Cuchara.  And YES…you can bring your dog to dinner.  Awesome!

Back in camp.  Due to the high fire danger, we had to use the firebox for our campfire.
Oh, and yes…a rare shot of husband in shorts.  As you know, most cowboys are never, ever, seen without wranglers and boots.

A good poker game in the camper is always good.

We had humminbirds.

And wildlife.

I have a gazillion more pictures, but I will stop here.  For now…
Oh…don’t tell the husband, but I’m thinking we could take the camper to the beach! 


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