It’s Official….

Last week something happened to me.  I knew it was coming, but I sort of pretended it wasn’t.

However, my dear family and friends would not let me pretend any longer.

It’s official.

I turned the big 5-0.

There is good news, though.

My birthday party lasted for DAYS!  Ha!

My sister-in-law and I went to northern Colorado, where our bff moved to.  It also happens to be where my daughter lives.

So, we had a fabulous girl’s weekend.

We started out with a late breakfast.


Me, my sister-in-law, my bff with her two girls, and grandson, and my girl.

I’m not sure if I am laughing or crying here.  Probably both.  The two of us have been friends for forty six years!

And yes….breakfast included Bloody Mary’s.  Oh my…. they were good.

Then, they delivered me to the Aveda Spa And Salon.

I was treated to a ninety minute massage AND facial.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.

People…you have to do this. 

I have never, ever, been so relaxed.

In fact, I may or may not, have caught myself snoring.  And drooling.

Then, my beautiful daughter, who is an Aveda stylist, took over and styled and high-lighted my hair.

AND, she did my makeup!

I chickened out on having her cut my hair all off…maybe next time.

Somewhere along the way, we did this….

Then, we all went out for dinner.

I’m tellin’ ya….they spoiled me rotten.

                                                          Me and my two bff’s.

My daughter and me.
So….what I’m saying is….turning fifty is not so bad.
In fact, I want to do it again!
Oh, there’s more.
I have always wanted a Harley Davidson of my very own. 
Well, I haven’t got one.  Yet.  Because my mom won’t let me.
But, the next best thing is when your bff gets one!
Then, we went to a biker rally.  I swear, the fun never stopped.
I rode with my bff’s hubby.  The three of us actually went from kindergarten all the way through high school together.  How cool is that?
And this my friends, is the way to celebrate turning fifty!!
                                                                          The End.


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