Colorado Autumn

I realize Autumn is in full swing, however, I am going to step back a few weeks.

On our last camping trip, we were lucky enough to see the trees just beginning to strut their Autumn colors.

Can you see that green roof top peeking through the trees?  Well, I want to live there.
And….it’s for sale. 
I really wanted to drive up the narrow road and have a little peek around.
But, the husband didn’t want to.  
I begged.
And I pleaded.
But he wouldn’t change his mind.
I guess it had something to do that little NO TRESPASSING sign.  I just didn’t think that would apply to me…you know…being a potential buyer and all. 
Love the man to pieces, but he can be such a stick-in-the-mud.  Has to follow all the rules and stuff.
He’s just not very adventurous. 
Wait….this is the same man who used to rodeo every weekend.  And by rodeo, I mean… he rode bulls.  And buckin’ broncs. 
So, I take that back.  He is adventurous. 
He’s just a little more responsible than his wife…
                                                             Enjoy the rest of your week!


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