The Fall vs. Christmas Explosion

Last Saturday, we arrived home from our Oklahoma Thanksgiving trip.  Rumor had it, that we were going to decorate for Christmas on Sunday.

Keep in mind, when we left for our trip, my house was left in it’s Fall glory.

Now, I’m just as excited decorate for Christmas as anybody…however…on Sunday morning I just wanted to hang out with my coffee.  And my heated throw blanket.  I just needed to get adjusted…you know, with the altitude change, and stuff.  (the word altitude looks weird-but, have no fear… I spell checked it)

But, my crew was just too excited. 

Before I could get myself together, and pack up all the Fall stuff, they started carrying in Christmas totes.  And the tree.

They were in such a hurry, they brought the wrong tree. 

Dude, you have to wait for me to supervise this stuff.

So, then they had to remove the wrong tree.

That bought me a little time…to stay on the couch.

In my robe. 

Under my heated blankie.

Here is the result when certain people get in a hurry changing the decor.

Good Lord, give me strength.  Can’t a girl even finish dusting??  Oh, and that yellow gun on the table?  It shoots little disc thingys, and we had just had a heck of a shoot out in the middle of the decorating festivities.  Ahhh.  The holidays at their finest.

So, along with the pumpkins and various gourds, there were angels, stars, snowmen, ornaments, tissue paper,  AND 438 disc bullets.

I swear…at this point there were still pumpkins on the mantel.

Sometimes, you just gotta go with the flow.

Which is exactly what I did!  There is just something so magical…so special…about decorating for Christmas. 

I promise, things have straightened up around here, and I will show you the final result soon.

I might even show you a picture of me shooting our pumpkins.

Yes, it’s tradition.  We take the pumpkins out and shoot them.

We call it target practice.

Hey, when you live in the middle of nowhere, you have to make your own fun.

Have a great week, my friends!


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