My World Turned Upside Down…Literally

This is a little story about our Christmas.  Yes, I know it’s late, but…stay with me.

On December 22, I was busy cleaning, organizing, slicing, dicing, and chopping.  Oh, and wrapping gifts.  We were hosting both Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  So, we wanted the house and all the food for our seventeen guests to be perfect.  I had a little cold, but no big deal, as I was on the tail end of it.

Or so I thought. 

Throughout the day, I noticed a few little dizzy moments, but didn’t think too much of it.  There was just too much to do.  Who had time to worry about a little dizziness?  Christmas Eve was going to be fabulous with prime rib, finger foods, and fresh seafood flown in from Alaska with my nephew.  Ahhh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

When I finally decided to go to bed, IT happened.

The minute I layed down, my whole world started spinning.  Out. Of. Control.

After fighting this for hours, I moved to the couch, and realized it was better if I stayed propped up and still.   Very, very still.  I mean, even if I moved my eyeballs, the world started spinning again.

All I could think about was an experience that my Aunt Myrna had, as well as, my blog friend, Dianna over at These Days Of Mine, had blogged about.  Vertigo.

Thanks to these ladies, and Google, my husband and I decided I was a victim of the evil, horrible, Vertigo. 

Thankfully, I have a terrific sister-in-law, who jumped in and hosted all of the Christmas festivities at her house.  She only thought she was “off the hook” this year…hehehe.  Seriously, she was such a good sport, and I was so grateful that everyone was still able to enjoy all the wonderful food and cheer.

On another note, we have had a very busy start to the year, as well as, some life changing news.  Not to worry, we are all healthy and happy, and looking forward to the rest of 2013….hopefully, Vertigo- free!


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