Drive A Tractor To School?

Last week was National FFA Week.  If you are not familiar with FFA, you really should check out your local chapter.  You won’t be disappointed.  I promise. 

In the United States there are over five hundred thousand members.  That’s a lot of kids.

Our small high school has a total of ninety-five students.    Of those students, seventy-two are members of my husband’s FFA program.

They kicked off the week with Tractor Day.  On this day, it is perfectly acceptable to drive a tractor, a semi-truck, a combine, (or whatever piece of ag equipment floats your boat), to school.


The kids love this!  Even if it takes some of them an hour to make the drive from their farms.
And the best part….blocking the Principal’s parking space before he gets to school.  It’s a tradition, and he’s a good sport.

Then on Tuesday, my husband and his loyal FFA members, have a petting zoo.  The elementary teachers bring all of their classes, as well as, the pre-school and daycare children.  It’s another tradition my husband has established, and everyone (big or small) looks forward to it.


Roping lessons!

Oh and there’s more FFA Week…. to be continued!


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