The Cows Came To Visit

I actually had Saturday off.  I was home alone, and enjoying my coffee, when my phone rang.

I didn’t recognize the number, but I did recognize the voice on the other end.  He said, hey, Darcie, can I bring my cows over for a little while this morning? 

Now, that may seem like a strange request to some.  But when you live in the country, AND, you have empty corrals, it’s a perfectly normal request.

They were going to “drive” the cattle with four wheelers to our place, and push them into our corrals.  Then, load them into a stock trailer to transport them to another location.

Here they come!

 These cows went right in through the gate, just like they were supposed to.  Thank goodness, because I was trying to help, but…ahem…I was really busy taking these pictures.

Oh, and there was this one girl that I developed a special bond with.

She stood out like a sore thumb, from every single other cow in the herd.



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