Don’t Tell My Family I Said That

So, once again, my REAL job has been interfering with blogging.  I hate it when that happens…but don’t tell my family I said that.  You know, since it’s a family business and stuff.

Well, I said “job”, but it’s really “jobs”.

Our Napa store is crazy busy, for which I am always grateful.  Our farmers and ranchers are preparing for spring, which means our business steps it up a notch.  Everyone is ready to rock and roll…now, all we need is some precious moisture.

AND, my tuxedo business is in high gear with prom season.  Remember, if you need parts for your truck, you can also rent a tux at Napa.  hehe  That’s how we roll in a small town!

On a side note, my beautiful daughter came home for a visit….and, she brought her sweet boyfriend.

We all had a great time!  The weather was gorgeous, so we played some golf.  We didn’t keep score, but I’m pretty sure I won….but don’t tell my family I said that.

On another side note, right after that wonderful sunny weekend, my in-laws came from Oklahoma.  And we had a blizzard.  I mean a total white-out blizzard with zero visibility.  We were officially stuck in the house, but that’s never a problem with them…we had several very “hot” games of poker.  I’m pretty sure I won….but don’t tell my family I said that.

So now, I consider myself a pro-golfer, AND a pro-poker player.  Oh, and you know the drill…don’t tell my family I said that.


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