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Clean Up Day…Country Style

We have been itchin’ to get outside and do some spring cleaning.  But the weather has not been cooperating.  It’s just been too dang cold for me to work outside  take pictures of my husband working outside.  heh! 

Unfortunately, part of the
clean up involves cutting down trees.  In our part of the world, cutting down a tree is serious business…we usually have a funeral when a tree dies.

We love and treasure each and every tree on the ranch.  And before any one of our trees is cut down it has to be dead.  Not just dead, but double dead.  Sometimes we even wait a year or more, just hoping it might magically come back to life.  That line of thinking is mine.  Not my husband’s.  He wanted me to make that clear to you, because he doesn’t really go for the magic and fairy dust stuff, like me.  He’s such a stick-in-the-mud.

Ok, back to the tree business…sorry, you all know how easily I get distracted.

Do to the severe drought our area has suffered over the last few years, more and more trees are lost.

This particular tree was smack dab in the middle of our back yard.  It was an old elm, and we hated to see it go….but it’s time had come.

My husband is a one-man-show, so he tackled this on his own.

He started off on the ladder, cutting off some of the lower branches.

My job was to stand back with my hand on my cell phone….you know, in case I needed to call 911. Also, I  needed take pictures, and stuff.

So, here we go!

 Look out belowwwww!

Hmmmm.  I think he may be wishing he hadn’t started this little project.

I assured him he was doing a good job and we would have this job done in no time at all.


Now it’s time for the clean-up crew.

 I was helping with this part.  Really, trust me…ahem.

How about a before and after?



                                                                       THE END.


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