The Last Few Weeks…..

The last few weeks have been strange in our little corner of the world. 

I’m mostly referring to the weather.

Keep in mind, Colorado does not play by the rules pertaining to Spring.

One Saturday, we were playing  golf…in our shorts.

The following Saturday, we were stranded at home by a dang blizzard.

Then, there was this.

As this dirt storm moved through our area, the whole community was reminded of the
“dust bowl” stories we have all heard from our parents and and grandparents.  This dirt storm was really not even comparable to the ones known to roll through here in the 30’s, however, it definitely made most of us stop and think about that horrible time in our local history.
Have any of you seen the Dust Bowl on PBS?  Our area is mentioned on the program numerous times, but it is a little more centered around the Boise City, Oklahoma area, which is forty seven miles from here. 
Also, for a good read, you should check out The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan.


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