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Our New Pool

Seems like yesterday, I was complaining about the cold.  Now, the temperatures are staying in the upper 90’s and low 100’s.  Those temps plus constant wind, are making me just a tad bit “testy”.
When you open the door, it’s like being hit in the face with a blast furnace.  Friends,  remind me of this when I’m complaining about the cold this coming winter.

So, in order to lighten up everyone’s spirits, my husband bought a swimming pool!  Actually, he’s been wanting one for several years…me, not so much.

I was afraid of the pool maintainance issues.  In the country, we have wind, dirt, bugs…and did I mention dirt storms?  So, I’m thinking this pool is going to require a lot of attention…in the form of cleaning.  Anything that requires too much maintainance, just doesn’t really interest me too much.  My husband really doesn’t understand this, as he is the one takes care of most ALL of the maintaince issues around the ranch.  I just watch.  And take pictures and stuff.   

So here’s our family enjoying our new pool!

Don’t we  look like we are having fun?  Cool, refeshing and crystal clean…ahhhh.

Well, that’s not my family.  And that’s not our pool.

It’s actually the picture from the box our pool came in….sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

Here’s the “reality” of our new pool.

Look at the little bitty hose in that big ‘ol pool.  It only took a month to fill it.  Just kidding.

During the process of filling it up, we had several different species of bugs find their way in. 
So my husband fished them out with the net.  Then he carefully stretched the cover over it.

On that very day, we had a huge dirt storm move through…it ripped the cover in several places and threw it out in the north forty somewhere.

Since then, my husband has been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.  We have replaced the filters twice already.  But he loves his pool…he really does.

Hopefully, we will be able to get in it real soon.


  • Holly

    OMG LMAO.. We just moved to the country from the city and what a reality check.. My kids asked when we were setting the pool up and I said there would be no pool.. the neighbor has 2 dogs & 5 chickens that run around and I can just imagine all the animals that would make there way from the woods to enjoy it at night.. Not to mentioned we have a well and I can only imagine the state of my water inside after turing on the well pump outside to fill a pool.

    • dcash

      My husband appreciates that, Teresa! I, however, can't quit laughing. I will have to take an updated picture…he has mangaged to salvage the cover, and keeps it place with these huge clamps. It looks NOTHING like the picture!

  • pattisjarrett

    I was going to say, you must have gone out and bought a new family to go with the pool. I'm glad your hubby loves it. My hubby says, "Too much work." Besides, he doesn't like the water much. I hope you enjoy it!

  • HickChickBritt

    Oh man.. That reminds me when some friends of ours got a pool. They didn't want to drain their well filling it so another friend with a water truck came and delivered the water. Well apparently he got it out of the lake, and it sucked up a lot of dirt too. I think all we did that summer was try and get the water clean. After a couple of weeks they gave up and drained it. Then actually paid someone to deliver water.
    Way more trouble than it is worth in my books!

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