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From The Garden…

We picked the garden on Sunday.

Man, I love this stuff!  We have beautiful tomatoes, too.  But…they are still green, and I am getting quite fussy about that.  One year, (I can’t remember if it was last year, or the year before…because I’m a little crazy these days), none of the tomatoes ripened.  I cried for forty days and forty nights.

One thing we get a ton of is zucchini…is that how you spell that?  Looks weird.  Anyway, we get so much of the stuff that I get pretty creative with preparing it.  When I run out of ideas, I just load some of them up and take them to town…but the stuff is hard to give away around here because EVERYONE has too much of it.  I have found the answer.  You don’t ask people if they want some…you just lay it on their porch, ring the doorbell and RUN.


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