This Week….Thus Far

This week started off with a BANG.  A big, fat, stinky bang, people.
Here’s a  little list of happenings thus far….and remember, it’s only Wednesday                                         Monday morning at 5:15, our septic system decided it was time to back-up into the house…I will spare you the grody details.  Luckily, a pumper…well, the only pumper in our area, was available,
and came right out.  In order to not destroy our garden, they used shovels to dig down to the tank.
This was an all day process….  $cha-ching$
That same morning, between the hours of 7:00 and noon, someone ran into my suv, and busted
 a clearance light….  $cha-ching$
My sister-in-law has a birthday today, mine is tomorrow.  We are supposed to go out for
steaks and drinks to celebrate tonight…yay!  But never fear, there is a little tiny problem. The folks who 
own the restaurant in town, just called and said their dog is sick, so they may not open tonight. 
That may sound strange, but remember, we live in the middle of nowhere, we do things a little different around here…
Yesterday morning, I woke up with a stye.  I have never ever had a stye.  A stye on the eye…is not fun.
And it hurts.  In fact my whole face hurts.  
I have been driving my car on empty for a day…or so.  I forgot this little fact when I left town and 
headed for the ranch yesterday.  After my husband got home, we discovered we needed something             from town to finish a project, and he says “you go to town, and I’ll keep working.”  It was at that very
moment, I remembered my fuel situation.  My response, “you better go, I’ll probably bring home the             wrong stuff.”  To which he replies, “No, you go.  I’ll call ahead so they can have it ready for you to pick up.”   Sheesh…he’s got me between a rock and hard place.  “okay, so here’s the deal…I forgot to get gas 
and I’m afraid the suv won’t make it to town.”  I said all that really, really fast. 
He just took my keys, told me to keep my phone handy, you know… in case he ends up walking. 
It all turned out fine…for once.
So, that’s my week so far.  How has your week been?


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