Healthy Halloween Snacks And Treats!

Looking for some healthy, easy, and fun Halloween snacks? These would be great for a school party! These are from my Pinterest Board  Healthy Halloween Snacks.  Please note, I may or may not have thrown in a few that might not be considered “healthy”, but hey, it is Halloween, after all!

If you see something you like, please pin from the original source.  Thanks!

Haunted Hoot Owl Pretzels  via Pia Recipes
Fruit Filled Jack-o-lanterns   via Frieda Loves Bread
Cheese Stick Ghosts            via Natural Noshing
Banana Ghosts                     via Star Kids Products
Crashed Witch Cupcakes     via Disney Baby
Ghost Cookies                     via Rachels Favorite Recipes
Witch Hat Cookies               via Holiday Cottage
Apple Bites                           via Wrap-Skinny
Cheese Eyeballs                    via Cute Food For Kids
Veggie Skeleton                    via The Kitchn

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