Small Town Pumpkin Contest…aka Pumpkin Shine

Every year, our local Chamber Of Commerce hosts Pumpkin Shine.  And, yours truly is up-to-her-neck involved in planning the event.  It’s always planned for the Monday evening before Halloween.
And in case you didn’t know…that was last night folks.

It’s held on the Courthouse lawn, right smack dab in the middle of town.

Everyone is invited to bring their jack-o-lanterns to enter into the contest.  They are divided by age groups, all the way through adults.  Let me tell ya, the judges have a tough job!  Also, everyone is invited to come in costume, as we also have a costume contest.  I’m glad I don’t have to judge either contest…that’s the beauty of being able to delegate these jobs to someone else.  Ahem.

The winners all receive Chamber Bucks, which can be spent at our local businesses.  How cool is that?

Here are few shots of the festivities.  I wasn’t able to get many photos, because I was a little on the busy side.  Just so ya know, before the night was over, the entire wall was filled with pumpkins.  Wish I would have had time to get that photo 🙁

 Look!  It’s Si from Duck Dynasty`

 These pumpkins were from our volleyball girls.

 Bling bling!

 And this is my precious grandbaby and his momma!


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