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Flowers + Standing Eggs = Spring!

In celebration of the arrival of Spring, I have some groovy photos to share.

Did any of you try this on the first day of Spring?

 My mom and I had fun doing this. We actually turned it into a competition.

One of my eggs tipped over, and knocked two of hers down….she was not happy…we take this stuff serious.

One of my  favorite things this time of year, is to go to the FFA greenhouse.  While the weather outside is still frightful, inside the greenhouse is…delightful.  Ha!

 Obviously, the greenhouse plants need some more time to mature.  But when they do, man they are gonna be beautiful.

Inside the classroom there are a few trays under the grow lights.  Hey, it’s not what you’re thinking.  I know this is Colorado and all…but, these are strictly flower and vegetable plants.

The kids are gonna have a blast transplanting all of these, haha!


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