Country Life

A Lovely Little Dirt Storm

For the last few months we have been busy with preparations for our son’s high school graduation reception.

Painting the porch, washing windows, clearing out tumbleweeds, etc.

Once we had the outside looking good, Mother Nature stepped in.

That’s our place, getting hammered by the dirt.

This window was nice and shiny when I left the house that morning.

Poor Baxter was getting nervous.

My car.

My mail.

So…….we waited for the dust to settle, and got busy with whole clean-up process, AGAIN.

However, this time, we had to include spraying off the house and roof, which made a nice little muddy mess.
Note:  I use the term, we, loosely.

 Just look at that mudd running down on my freshly painted porch.  Ugh.

In the end, the house received a good bath, and all was well, again….until the next dirt storm.


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