Sweet Corn From Sweet Neighbors Plus…Corn On The Cob Tips And Recipes!

‘Tis the season!  The season for homegrown sweet corn!  The farmers in our area plant acres and acres of dent corn.  Dent corn is grown for cattle feed, and is a huge crop here.  But, lucky for us,  most of our farmers also a plant a patch of sweet corn in the center of their circle of dent corn,  strictly for us humans : )

Last weekend, our neighbors stopped by with a HUGE bag full of the sweetest corn I have ever tasted!

                                                    This is just a small sample of the loot.

Now, I’ll be honest…I love sweet corn, but I’ve just never been a fan of the whole shucking and cleaning the silk, business.  So, I was thrilled to find out about the magic corn trick.  If you haven’t heard about it you can get the scoop HERE, from

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