Estes Park Elk

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to a wedding near Denver.  It was lovely, and our hotel stay was wonderful….but….it just wasn’t long enough.   So, as usual, I started scheming to “milk one more night” out of our trip.

Estes Park is only about an hour or so from where we were, and I had been ranting and raving about going up there to see the elk.  Not only is Estes Park a quaint mountain town, the elk love to hang out there during their mating season in September and October.  It was more magnificent than I could have imagined!

This is the king of the herd.

And he is very, VERY, territorial over his females.


The bugling was an amazing sound.  I’m still kicking myself in the hiney for  not getting video, so you could hear it, too.

If you get the chance, remember…Estes Park, September and October.  You won’t regret it….I promise!


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