Gone Fishing!

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful here!  Our college boy is home for spring break, so we took

advantage of the great weather and headed for Two Buttes Lake.   It’s our one and only lake, and is located about twenty five miles from us.
This nice lake has filled up and dried up….several times.  The whole community has been jumping for joy (and purchasing boats)  since it filled up again a few years ago.
We brought my brother and great-nephew along.


Watching and waiting….
Still watching and waiting…..
Finally my husband caught one!


  • Montanagirl

    And fun was had by all! We have a pretty nice lake about 25 miles from where we live too! People fish, boat, water-ski, and as for us, we go to see what birds we can photograph. Sometimes there are a lot of "Loons" there. I love those.

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