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A Country 4th Of July

Hope you all had a fantastic July 4th!  We celebrated at home, and had a good old fashioned 4th, complete with a barbecue, homemade ice cream, and fireworks.  My family came out, and we had our little grandson, so it was a blast!  Get it?  I’m a real comedian, eh?

My day started at early thirty making salads and dessert, with the best kitchen assistant ever!
Just look how talented he is with that measuring cup!

Fresh flowers from the garden!

The patriotic fruit pizza was inspired by Jo Cooks.  The brownie crust is the bomb!

A few of the crew.
There was a ton of food and fun, but as I said earlier….I didn’t get many photos.
Our local volunteer fire department takes donations and puts on a great firework show.  They alternate locations yearly between our town, and one about twenty miles east of us.
Either way, we can sit on our porch and see the fireworks in both towns.   Since we live  in the country, it is our tradition to set off fireworks at home AND enjoy the town show…all from the comfort of our porch.
This is a small tidbit of the remains of our firework show.
My husband starting hauling off debris before I could get a photo….but you get the idea.
                                           Like I said earlier….it was a real BLAST.

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