Grand Cayman….The Perfect Vacation

So….I really thought I would get this post up right after our trip to Grand Cayman.  But, that was like….uhhh….two months ago.  Sheesh, where does the time go?

We stayed at the Westin Grand Cayman on the famous Seven Mile Beach.  And let me tell ya,  it was the best decision ever!  The hotel, the staff, the bed, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the BEACH, were all perfect.  Actually, it was better than perfect.  Is that possible?


The lobby is beautiful and  beachy.


And I ran screaming through these doors dragging my luggage behind me…just look at that water!
Yes, I made a teeny tiny scene, but my husband got over it.


The umbrellas and beach chairs are free, however, you have to rent the cabanas.



They have surfboards for tables at the beach bar area.  Groovy, eh?  We ate and drank on the beach…in our beach chairs….so we wouldn’t have to get up and go anywhere, if  ya know what I mean.


It can be a bit expensive on Grand Cayman, but if you check things out BEFORE you go, you can easily find affordable solutions.  For example, this turkey wrap was around fourteen dollars.  We asked if we could split it, and they graciously brought two plates, each with fries and a pickle. Pictured is my half, and it was more than enough!


We swam.  We snorkeled.  We napped.  And we did this…..

Sting Ray City….

We have actually done this before, but back then we had our kids, and at least one adult (you know who you are), screaming and climbing on top of us!  So, we decided to do it again, and it was pretty awesome.  I have to admit though, part of the reason I wanted to do it again, was for the boat ride.  That alone, was priceless.

We went out on one of these glorious catamarans.  Part of this day trip, was visiting Rum Point, which I will post about later….



On the way back, the captain killed the engines and put up the sail.  It was so amazing!



                                                    A perfect ending, to a perfect day!


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