Country Life

Snowvember In The Country!

So…yesterday we had a little storm blow in.  Actually, it was a full-blown, old fashioned blizzard.

 These brave little soldiers weathered out the storm on our dinner bell right outside the door.

And with the morning light….

Time to start digging out.

 I think we need a bigger tractor.  Ha!

These guys were quick to arrive, cleaning off our highway.  They had been out all night working tirelessly, on the main highway that runs through our small town.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the house….

This guy has a lot of trouble getting around when the drifts get over, well, to be honest…two inches.

But, somehow he manages.  I wonder if snow shoes would help?  Do they make them for dogs?
On a totally unrelated note….have I told you how this dog swims?  This is how he swims…he DOESN’T  SWIM.  HE SINKS.  I thought all dogs could swim, but apparently not, eh?  This, my friends, is another story for another day.

                                                                   See ya next Spring!


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