How I Moved From Blogger To WordPress…

notebook-405755_640Things are looking a little different here in my small corner of the blog world.  Recently, I finally took the plunge to move from Blogger to WordPress.

Here is how I did it….”I” didn’t.  Someone else did it for me!  It all started when I stumbled on a blog post over at the The Busy Budgeter.  The blog post is simply How To Start A Blog.  Yes, I’ve had a blog for a long time, but I decided it was time to learn more about blogging and get back on the wagon.  In Rosemarie’s post, she stated Grayson Bell from iMark Interactive, handles all of her tech stuff.  So, I contacted him with a request to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  He was quick to respond, easy to work with, AND affordable!

Of course you can make the move on your own, it just wasn’t something I wanted to tackle.  There are many  tutorials out there to guide you step-by-step.

I still have a ton of learning to do, but I’m just going to hang in there and keep plugging away.  Both iMark Interactive, and The Busy Budgeter have great blogging advice and tutorials,(plus so much more), so I will be referring back to their blogs A LOT!

I still have some tidying up to do, so please hang in there with me!

Do you have a “go-to” blogger who inspires you with blogging advice and tips?




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