A Day With The Denver Broncos

(This post was written the last time the Broncos were going to the Super Bowl, and HERE we are again!  Go Broncos!!)



Since our beloved Broncos are heading to The Super Bowl, I think it’s quite fitting to share this with you all.

Last fall, our big boy turned eighteen.  To celebrate, we took him to a Denver Bronco game.  Here are a few whole bunch of shots from our day.



John Elway, before the game…..


Pictures are a little blurry…I’m pretty sure I may have been shaking! *starstruck*



Ahh, Peyton…we love you!


If I tried this, I’m pretty sure I would have to go to the hospital with whiplash….or something worse.

Seriously, the cheerleaders are amazing!  My husband just couldn’t get enough of them 😉

And Peyton, again!

I think my little grandson loves Peyton, too!

Go Broncos!


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