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Passion:  “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement about something or doing something” Merriam-Webster

I’ve been thinking a lot about passion.  Not the hanky-panky passion ;), but real down-in-your gut passion.

The kind of passion that makes you tick.  Trips your trigger.  Floats your boat.  I could go on forever with these.  Winds your watch.  The yin to your yang.  The salt on your margarita.  Okay, I’ll stop.

Finding your passion is easy for some folks, not so easy for others.  Some are blessed to be in a career where they actually implement their passion everyday.  How cool is that?  My husband is one of those lucky few.  Others follow their passion with hobbies like crafting, blogging, photography, plus a million more.  As for me, I have several things that trip my trigger.

Photography.  I am still newbie, but I love it.  It has definitely made me more aware of my surroundings.  I enjoy the small things more, like the way the early morning light shines on the damp field, the bumble bee on my daisies, the frog sitting in my waterfall, the tiger dragonfly, our yearly visit from monarch butterflies,  and yes….even the snake in my tree.




If you are in the mood, you can see the snake in my tree, here.


The beach.  So anyone who knows me, knows I am a true blue,  die hard beach bum.  I can talk endlessly about the beach, and how the ocean carries me away.    Oh, and I’ve converted my husband, too!  But, he has converted me to love camping.  So we’re even…right?  We both found passion for something we had no idea we would even like, and yet love now.  WIN!





DSC_0621Along with our passion for the beach, is our passion for snorkeling.  LOVE IT.

DSC_0067Nothing beats an ocean sunset…..


And, as I mentioned, camping here in Colorado is pretty cool, too.  So glad my husband introduced me to the whole camping thing!





What about you?  What is your passion?  What is it that floats your boat?  Flips your flop?

(I know I’ve been absent, but remember I appreciate you!)





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