Country Roads

November 7, 2016Country Life Standard

As most of you know, we live in the middle of nowhere.  So, for my  blog friends in the big cities, here’s a few fun shots from our part of the world!


dsc_0229A flock guineas.  I honestly have no idea where these guys came from…or where they were going.



But, then I noticed one of them had a sign around it’s neck…”Which Way To The Beach”???  I’m goin’ with them.

Sorry, I couldn’t get that photo to load 😉  Did you know baby guineas are called keets, and when they are grown, they become watchdogs, fighting off both human and animal trespassers?  Your welcome.









There’s something pretty awesome about country roads.  Don’t you agree?









I agree wholeheartedly! Pretty sunflowers! I didn’t know anything about guineas until my sister-in-law got some. They are quite unusual!

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