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It’s Time For Farmhouse Fall, Y’all

It’s been awhile, friends!  I’ve missed you, and this little blog, so I decided to dust it off and blow out the cobwebs.  There is a crazy reason for my absence, but, I will fill you in on that another day.  For now, let’s talk about the weather… and, my favorite… farmhouse Fall décor!!

It’s time to celebrate Fall, and I have been loving every minute of it!  Yesterday, it was a balmy 71 degrees, so we worked outside all day.  My husband and I each got on our respective mowers and mowed “till the cows came home”.   In other words, it took a long, dang time to get the whole ranch mowed.  The weather guy on the news told us to get outside because it’s supposed to snow today.  Currently, it’s 30 degrees.  Yikes, what a drastic change.  Yesterday short sleeves and air conditioning, today…fireplace, furnace, and yes..SNOW!  The weather guy was right this time 🙂

I snapped a few outdoor photos before everything goes “south” for the winter.


And here is a little farmhouse Fall décor…









There are numerous items I purchased from the Family Dollar Store…can you guess which ones?  I just love finding a good bargain!

Happy Fall, friends!




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