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    Canyon Country

    Recently my husband and I had the opportunity to drive out to our local canyons.  My aunt owns a ranch out there and we just love it.  As I have said before, it’s only forty-five miles from home, but it is worlds away….. Linking up with Tex over at  It’s nice to finally see the creek running! This guy was fun to watch…the creek may be running, but he’s not!  Ha

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    A Country 4th Of July

    Hope you all had a fantastic July 4th!  We celebrated at home, and had a good old fashioned 4th, complete with a barbecue, homemade ice cream, and fireworks.  My family came out, and we had our little grandson, so it was a blast!  Get it?  I’m a real comedian, eh? My day started at early thirty making salads and dessert, with the best kitchen assistant ever! Just look how talented he is with that measuring cup! Fresh flowers from the garden! The patriotic fruit pizza was inspired by Jo Cooks.  The brownie crust is the bomb! A few of the crew. There was a ton of food and fun, but as…

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    Snake In The….

    You all know….when you live in the country, anything is possible. I mean ANYTHING. The husband and I had been working outside all day, and decided to come up the house for a break. Just as I was getting ready to get comfy in my chair, I felt a strange feeling.  You know…that feeling when someone is watching you. I glanced up and… So, I did what any blogger would do….ran in the house and grabbed my camera. I know this little guy is not dangerous, but he still gave me chills! Just as I was getting ready to take another picture, my husband says, “Hey, you better step back.  You…

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    The Fine Art Of Blowing Bubbles

    Recently our little grandson spent the night with us.  It was his very first sleep-over, without mommy or daddy.  Anyway, we had TONS OF FUN! The weather was beautiful, so we got out the bubbles.  Obviously, this wasn’t his first rodeo.  I will huff, and I will puff…  And I will huff, and I will puff some more… And I will blooowww your house down  BUBBLES!                                                  Wishing you lots of smiles (and bubbles)….                          …

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    A Butterfly Tale

    With fall approaching, the Monarch Butterflies have arrived.  Like everyone else, I love the fall season….it just doesn’t last very long in our neck of the woods. Each evening the butterflies have been gathering in our locust trees, and they are an awesome sight! Here is just a small sampling….   My understanding is, they travel all the way to Mexico for the winter….sounds like a good idea to me!

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    Holy Cow! It’s A …….

    So, a few days ago, I was making my rounds watering flowers.  It was early evening, and I was just minding my own business, going about tending my little flowery friends. Then….something on the tree right next to me, caught my eye.  It was just a slight movement, but when I looked,  nothing was there.  When I got a little closer, I saw a small creature that looked just like the bark on the tree.  I still had NO IDEA what I was looking at, so…..I got a little closer.  At that point, it moved, and slowly stretched out a black wing, and I knew EXACTLY what it was. At…

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    Trash To Treasure…Funky Find

    Howdy blogger friends!  Hope you all had a fabulous July 4th! Recently I found a funky little treasure, and thought it was worth sharing.  The best part….it only set me back five bucks. This little vintage lantern, found it’s way to me a few weeks ago, and I just love it.  I’ve pondered and fretted about whether to clean it up, or just leave it in it’s original state of funky.  Decided to just leave it alone…the dust and dirt and rust….I like it this way.  However, I have moved it a million times!!  Here it’s sitting on that old metal bucket I found.  Here is the bucket story.  …

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    Tiger-Striped Dragonfly

    Recently, I spotted this little guy at my father-in-law’s pond, in southern Oklahoma. Yes.  We went to southern Oklahoma in the middle of the summer.  And, in case you were wondering…..it was HOT!  VERY, VERY HOT!  Oh, and humid.  But, as always, I loved it…hot and humid suits me just fine 🙂 And this guy, startled the heck out of me.  I had no idea he was near the pond, and when he flew out, he made such a rukus, that I was only able to get this one shot. Man, I could wake up to this view every morning……