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    My Valentines…Hugs And Kisses!

    Valentines Day is for kissin’ and huggin’, right?  Well, we are BIG on hugs and kisses!                                       Happy Valentines Day, my friends….hoping you have a day filled with                                                                                     HUGS AND KISSES!

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    A Day With The Denver Broncos

    (This post was written the last time the Broncos were going to the Super Bowl, and HERE we are again!  Go Broncos!!)     Since our beloved Broncos are heading to The Super Bowl, I think it’s quite fitting to share this with you all. Last fall, our big boy turned eighteen.  To celebrate, we took him to a Denver Bronco game.  Here are a few whole bunch of shots from our day.     John Elway, before the game….. HI JOHN! Pictures are a little blurry…I’m pretty sure I may have been shaking! *starstruck*     Ahh, Peyton…we love you!   If I tried this, I’m pretty sure I would have to…

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    A List Of Medical Expenses You Can Deduct From Your Taxes

    It’s that time of year AGAIN.  The dreaded tax season.  Hopefully, you didn’t have any major medical or dental expenses in 2015!  We did have some of both, which prompted me to do a little research on “deductible” medical expenses vs. “nondeductible expenses”. First, your deductible medical expenses must be in excess of 10% of your adjusted gross income. Deductible Medical Expenses Diagnosis and Cures Annual Physical Exams Medicine, Treatment and Prevention Dental Treatments Medical Equipment, Supplies and Diagnosis Devices Ambulance and Other Medical Professional Transportation Travel expenses to and from treatment Insurance payments Chiropractor Psychologist Physical Therapy Medical Expenses that Aren’t Deductible A few expenses that may be medical-related but aren’t…

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    How I Moved From Blogger To WordPress…

    Things are looking a little different here in my small corner of the blog world.  Recently, I finally took the plunge to move from Blogger to WordPress. Here is how I did it….”I” didn’t.  Someone else did it for me!  It all started when I stumbled on a blog post over at the The Busy Budgeter.  The blog post is simply How To Start A Blog.  Yes, I’ve had a blog for a long time, but I decided it was time to learn more about blogging and get back on the wagon.  In Rosemarie’s post, she stated Grayson Bell from iMark Interactive, handles all of her tech stuff.  So, I contacted him with a…

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    Six Things You Should Know BEFORE You Drive To Colorado For A Ski Trip!

    Snow skiing in Colorado!  It’s the perfect winter getaway.  However, those of you coming from warmer climates, might want a few tips. We live in southern Colorado, just north of the Oklahoma state line.  AND, I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to advising southern tourists traveling by car into our winter wonderland state.  As most of you know, my family owns the local NAPA Store, and you can find me there, pretty much all the time. Here are a few tips and tricks when you are travelling to Colorado during the winter months. Windshield Washer Fluid:  Make sure you have it!  If you are travelling from a…

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    Snowvember In The Country!

    So…yesterday we had a little storm blow in.  Actually, it was a full-blown, old fashioned blizzard.  These brave little soldiers weathered out the storm on our dinner bell right outside the door. And with the morning light…. Time to start digging out.  I think we need a bigger tractor.  Ha! These guys were quick to arrive, cleaning off our highway.  They had been out all night working tirelessly, on the main highway that runs through our small town. Meanwhile, on the other side of the house…. This guy has a lot of trouble getting around when the drifts get over, well, to be honest…two inches. But, somehow he manages.  I…

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    Country Critters Plus A Little Bit Of Fall

    Happy Fall!  I was so excited to see our owl come back.  Actually, I heard him before I saw him.  I could hardly wait for the sun to come up so I could see him. And this fella…what a beautiful creature! And this funny little guy….  Happy Fall, Y’all                                                                                

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    Grand Cayman….The Perfect Vacation

    So….I really thought I would get this post up right after our trip to Grand Cayman.  But, that was like….uhhh….two months ago.  Sheesh, where does the time go? We stayed at the Westin Grand Cayman on the famous Seven Mile Beach.  And let me tell ya,  it was the best decision ever!  The hotel, the staff, the bed, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the BEACH, were all perfect.  Actually, it was better than perfect.  Is that possible?   The lobby is beautiful and  beachy.   And I ran screaming through these doors dragging my luggage behind me…just look at that water! Yes, I made a teeny tiny scene, but my husband got…

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    Good Fences….Caribbean Style!

    I’m trying to regularly participate in Good Fences link party with my friends over at The Run*A*Round Ranch.  It’s every Thursday, so here ya go… I sure wish I had been thinking more about this link party while I was in Grand Cayman.  I did, however, manage to get a few fences in some shots. These shots were all taken at Rum Point on Grand Cayman.  You can see in the background…blue and green little picket fences.  Caribbean colors are sooo groovy. I took a little walk while we were waiting on the catamaran to pick us up.  This was one street over from the beach.  Wish I would have taken more pictures of…