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    Ocean, Lake, Or Swimming Pool?

    Which would you rather spend time in…the ocean, a lake, or a swimming pool? Those of you who know me, already know my answer.  It’s hands down…THE OCEAN! This was just after a quick dip in the beautiful crystal clear blue water in Grand Cayman. The only problem is…living in Colorado, we are much more likely to be in a lake, pool, or even a river.  However,  honestly, I save most of my water time for the ocean. I snorkel in it. I stand in it. I walk in it. I swim with stingrays in it. And I just sit in it! I have some beachy plans for this summer, so stay tuned! What about…

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    Hi everyone!  Just wanted to check-in and give you a preview of what I have been up to. Just got back to town and my computer.  I will post pictures and details later, but for now just this: My time away involved Wranglers trading in his cowboy  boots for these: and these… There was a lot of time spent doing this… And this…. More to come….